Eckhardt Trading Company CEO William Eckhardt was interviewed by Alternatives Watch. He shared his thoughts on Risk Management and strategies for navigating resurgent volatility in financial markets.

Veteran fund manager and quantitative investing pioneer Bill Eckhardt launched the Chicago headquartered Eckhardt Trading Company in 1991, with the systematic research-driven hedge fund firm utilizing a short-term trading style built around a series of functionary algorithms.

Eckhardt — whose trading expertise stretches back to the 1970s — combines highly-adaptive, highly liquid evolutionary computing technology with a strong focus on certain risk metrics, particularly volatility, to develop trading signals across a range of markets and asset classes. He is perhaps best known for his role with Richard Dennis in training commodity traders in Chicago that became famously known as Turtle Traders.

The effectiveness of the firm’s robust approach is borne out “time and time again” by the fund’s performances, Eckhardt told Alternatives Watch, helping the firm generate a strong track record and volatility-adjusted return profile stretching back more than 30 years.


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