Key Strategy Characteristics

Assesses volatility behavior to identify investment opportunities

Quicker to enter and exit positions versus traditional trend techniques

Can result in multiple short-term trades, achieve multiple profit objectives as a trend develops

Investment Program Strategy Implementation

We can tailor this strategy to fit into your desired vehicle:

  • Private Funds
  • Fund of One
  • Managed Account
  • Co-mingled Strategies
  • On-shore / Off-shore

A Risk-First Approach in Pursuit of Alpha

We can tailor this strategy to fit into your desired vehicle:

Volatility Trend

Trend Neutral

Volatility Select


Combined with a unique, volatility-based signal generation system and a risk-first approach to trade implementation, ETC can produce a distinctive return profile that acts as a diversifier to a portfolio of traditional trend type programs, or as a stand-alone systematic allocation to generate Alpha as well as diversify risk in a broader portfolio of assets.

Science of Trading

Led by Bill Eckhardt and based on over 40 years of scientific system development and evolutionary computing, ETC creates unique investment products that dynamically adapt to changing markets.

How Can We Help Meet Your Market Objectives?

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