A robust “Alternative” portfolio needs to comprise multiple diversifying but complementary, low correlating strategies that capture Alpha, not just preserve capital, across a variety of changing market conditions.

Science of Trading

Led by Bill Eckhardt and based on over 40 years of scientific system development and evolutionary computing, ETC creates unique investment products that dynamically adapt to changing markets.

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Evolution Strategies: Our Data-Driven Flagship Trading Program

Evolution Strategies is a diversified portfolio of quantitative trading systems that leverage a data-driven evolutionary computing process to scientifically adapt and reorient to changing markets. Currently, the program’s overall average trade length is 9 days. All systems are volatility 1st and capture 2nd. The capture components include short term Vol-Trend and short-term Non-Trend.

The Evolution Strategies Program is available in a comingled fund or managed account. Individual systems and custom portfolios are available in a managed account.

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