Chicago, IL – [April 22, 2024] – Eckhardt Trading Company (ETC), one of the longest-tenured investment shops in the managed futures business, announced the strategic acquisition of the assets of Rotella Capital. This merger combines the strengths and legacies of two venerable institutions, setting a new course toward trading excellence.

“By integrating the robust assets and intellectual capital of both firms, we are not just expanding our market presence but also enriching our collective expertise,” said Rob Sorrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer of ETC. “This acquisition will broaden our products and investor base.”

ETC, renowned for its adaptive trading methods and evolutionary computing, closed the deal to buy Rotella’s asset management functions, research capabilities, and technology in January. The merger adds significant assets in foreign exchange separate accounts that Rotella managed for institutional clients. Because of the merger, ETC is currently developing a foreign exchange focused hedge fund that will invest via both futures and direct foreign exchange trades in the second quarter of this year.

Founded in 1995 by Robert Rotella in Belleview, Wash., Rotella Capital Management (RCM), is well-known in the systematic trading field. Rotella’s success is due to the focus on its quantitative research and advanced trading strategies. The firm’s research-driven approach was a natural fit for ETC.

The acquisition will see a seamless integration of the two firms’ operations, ensuring continuity in client service and an enhanced portfolio of offerings. ETC’s commitment to research and innovation will be bolstered by this merger, driving forward the company’s mission to deliver uncorrelated returns through scientifically backed trading strategies.

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About Eckhardt Trading Company: Eckhardt Trading Company (ETC) is a research-driven, risk-focused trading firm established by William Eckhardt, a pioneer of short-term trading techniques. With a commitment to the science of trading, ETC employs advanced methodologies like evolutionary computing and adaptive diversification to offer uncorrelated returns, catering to a diverse clientele that includes institutions, fund of funds, family offices, pension funds, and high-net-worth individuals.